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TITLE: Why satellite still matters: communications technology trends in the TV business

SPEAKER: Chris Campbell 

DATE and TIME: Thursday Sept. 14 2017 at 11:30 AM to 1 PM.  Lunch will be provided. 

PARKING: Free Parking in the 14 Street GTRI  RSVP:

Please RSVP by Friday, September 8th to jim.worsham@gatech.edu and lipsds@gmail.com if you plan to attend so we have an accurate count for lunch.

LOCATION: First Floor in the GTRI 14 Street Building.

Chris Campbell presentation will begin at 12 PM

ABSTRACT: The TV business is evolving in the face of changing viewer behavior and technology improvements. Networks such as CNN and TBS continue to be distributed to cable companies by satellite, but fiber transmission is making inroads. Similarly, news ingest and studio backhaul are increasingly leveraging terrestrial fiber, but satellite has unbeatable advantages in some applications. Inside the plant, the infrastructure is trending away from SDI and towards IP (including multicast and IGMP). This presentation will provide an introduction to these technologies, an overview of the trends, and provide insight into satellite teleports as applied to the TV business.

BIOGRAPHY: Mr. Chris Campbell is a Transmission and Distribution Engineer at Turner Broadcasting, part of the group at Turner that is responsible for all satellite connectivity in and out of Turner’s various facilities in Atlanta. He specializes in the monitor and control (M&C) system that is heavily used by operators to A) be alerted to equipment problems and B) remotely reconfigure equipment. This infrastructure is used for outbound network delivery (e.g. uplink of CNN, TBS, TNT and dozens of other networks to satellite for cable distribution) and inbound news gathering (e.g. downlink of feeds from domestic trucks, studio backhauls, international network feeds). Prior to Turner and CNN, Mr. Campbell was a systems engineer at Scientific-Atlanta (which became Viasat), building “mesh” satellite networks for carrying voice and data; systems were fielded in developing countries all around the globe. Mr. Campbell is licensed in the state of Georgia as a Professional Engineer.

In his free time, Mr. Campbell is particularly active in the field of electric vehicles and he will talk your head off if you ask him about it. He also takes a personal interest in renewable energy


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